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Pre-war Dragon wanted in North America

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  • Pre-war Dragon wanted in North America

    I've decided to start looking for a 2nd Dragon to own along side my 1955 which I wish to keep race ready as-is due to her pedigree. I would really like a true weekend cruiser complete with larger cabin, berths, galley, and everything else which the pre-war Dragons were built with. Something I can use for multi-day trips to other islands with my teenage sons and install all of the equipment that comes with using a sailboat for that purpose.

    I'm not looking for a restoration project (although minor work is fine) and older Dragons I find like this in Europe present a larger shipping cost to me vs. finding one in North America since I'm just down in the Caribbean.

    I figured I would put a feeler ad out there and see what's available before deciding to purchase from Europe as a last resort. I'm not wealthy by any means and I want a good working boat, not a museum boat with a price to match. Must have an operational trailer though, I need a trailer for hurricane season/annual maintenance plus towing her to Florida which is the shipping hub for the Caribbean.

    Please send info, pics, and asking price to


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